We Take It All Back

  • 2/20/2009 02:08:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

We've said nasty things about David Letterman in the past. "Rubbish interviewer", "is way too annoying to be entertaining", "Laughs too often at his own jokes, as if the first time he saw them was on the autocue, but how could that possibly be?", "spends way too long on underwhelming in-jokes that no-one could possibly care about" (oh, meanwhile look out for our Top 50 TVTimes 1970s Icons coming soon). But with this videoclip from 2006, where he comprehensively PWNS Bill O'Reilly, we take it all back.

We take it all back Dave. Well, most of it. Now we like you quite a bit more than we did previously. Not enough to seek out the broadcasts of your show buried at 3am on DivaTV (well, that's where they were last seen), but still. Here's part two:

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