Thursday, 12 February 2009


It's just possible our relationship with Twitter is faltering. We stopped checking our Tweets at noon, and can't now be bothered going back and checking *all* the ones we've missed, because we're too knackered from a full day of ducking and diving. On top of that most of our new Follower requests are from spammers, generally cleverly disguised as suspiciously attractive young women with suggestive names ("Wow! HornyXXXGirl is following me! Let's see what she's Tweeting... 'OMG LOL YOU SHOULD TOTALLY LIKE VISIT MY HOT DATING WEBSITE'. Oh.") Note to such spammers: we're only going to block you, don't even bother. And stop ruining everyone's fun, you shits. Any non-evil BrokenTV readers are of course still welcome to join the 140-char maximum party however, because we've arbitrarily decided we love Twitter again, as Charlie Brooker has just started reviewing crisps.

By golly, we're fickle beasts. However, our love of nosing over the related stats will never falter, and we're delighted to notice that Stephen Fry is now the second most popular person in the entire world, after some bloke called Barack Obama. See?

Not pictured: Britney Spears (6th), Jonathan Ross (8th), The New York Times (9th), Wil Wheaton, who once posted our spoof anti-piracy poster on his blog, and we had no idea he was so famous (15th), Phillip Schofield (21st), John Cleese (23rd), BrokenTV (169,826th).

As we have just shown, merely measuring Mr Stephen Fry against other members of the Twitterati just isn't enough. Previously, we measured his popularity against other European nations, but it's time to up the ante. It's Stephen Fry versus The World! Wikipedia has compiled population info (mostly from the UN) for 221 nations - all the way from the Pitcairn Islands to the People's Republic of China. Just where would Frydonia fit in on this list? And who would be it's populatory neighbours? WE SHALL SEE.

Stephen Fry: officially bigger than Guam, not quite as big as Samoa. But with the number of Frydonians now growing at around 40,000 per week, surely that must change soon. Best get breeding, Samoans! Frydonia is currently in 179th place (from a total of 222 countries).

BrokenTV's position on a similar graph? Second from bottom of the entire world. In your face, Pitcairn Islands.

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John the Monkey said...

Quality. After all, how often does one get to wave one's metaphorical bottom at the Pitcairns?

Mark X said...

Given their alleged lack of scruples when it comes to bottoms, that might not necessarily be a good idea:

Why do I even KNOW this stuff?

richardgaywood said...

Twitter has a 140-char limit, mind, not a 160-char one.

Mark X said...

Buh, of course. Now corrected.

Anonymous said...

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