Gawd Save The Queen Mum, It's Only Saint George's Day, Innit?

  • 4/23/2009 08:35:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

It's Saint George's Day, and to mark the occasion this blog post is going to be written exclusively in the English language, or your money back! No Albanian or Minangkabau for us today. As such, we'd better keep it brief, and make sure we don't ruin that boast by accidentally using a phrase from another language. So, with one eye on avoiding a linguistic cul-de-sac (eh? Oh bugger), how about we find the most English thing possible, and post a clip of it?

But just what could be the most English YouTube clip possible? Some Sun readers beating up a paediatrician? Richard Littlejohn's perpetually peeved face yelling about how you're not allowed to call them 'blackboards' any more? A cheeky builder from Nantwich having his back covered with a massive tattoo of Del Boy and Rodney? Or is the question wholly moot because you can't express the personalities of forty million unique individuals within a single lazy stereotype?

Not even close. It's this:


OR SO WE THOUGHT. Simon (from ace music blog Sweeping The Nation) suggests there's another song about mid-1980s snooker than outdoes Snooker Loopy. And here it is:

So, which is best? Erm, if we're being brutally honest, neither is very good. We'd only written that pre-amble because we were confident we'd find the clip from 1995's The Ant & Dec Show on Children's BBC where Chas and Dave perform a version of Go West while dressed as the Pet Shop Boys. That would have been so much better, but The Internet let us down. Snooker Loopy was a last minute replacement. This post isn't coming together as well as our one on Britain's Got Talent, is it? We can't even think a suitable way to hark back to the gag on avoiding non-English words, then saying 'dénouement'. Bah.

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