Monday, 6 April 2009

New From BBC Toys and Games

You’ve got to love the 10am to 1pm shift on 6Music, haven’t you? That dizzying array of good records being spoiled by having samples from things that were on telly or cinema in the 1980s. The bits where listeners are invited to phone in and do nothing more than say how great they think the DJ is. The phalanx of sidekicks noisily expressing how good they thought the thing the DJ just said was. Man, if we could actually have sex with the hours between 10am and 1pm on 6Music weekdays, we think we would actually do that.

Sadly, that leaves a huge 21-hour gap every weekday when we’re not listening to the banter of inane Chris Moyles tribute act George Lamb. This makes us sad, and during these hours we are often found in shop doorways, drinking a mixture of White Lightning, lighter fuel and our own salty tears, muttering “shabba” repeatedly, and clumsily trying to slash ourselves with a comb. Well, thanks to BBC Worldwide, we could soon be spared of this very specific anguish, with an exciting new product for boys and girls of all ages, which we EXCLUSIVELY reveal here.


Full-sized version of image: here.


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whitenoisemaker said...

That's bloody marvellous that is! George Lamb... <shakes head slowly whilst sadly saying 'shabba'>

Anonymous said...

Well done! I'll have three. However you might like to correct the 10am to 1am early in the article.

Mark X said...

Now corrected. Cheers, Anon.

Anonymous said...

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Doughboy said...

interesting comments by the previous two 'commentators', although I'd have to disagree with them on one or two points. particularly the bits about 'showlive', 'av dvd' and the number 1007. I'm not sure that's entirely relevant to the argument. But interesting to read none the less.

Personally I think Georgie boy Lamb is as evil as that nasty fellow on Eastenders. Only a little bit less grey faced. A complete and utter tnuc. But I'll say no more or I'd get obsessed with hatred and bile and 'he's just not worth it, mate'.

Nice that they have all these Hub Sessions during his show though. It's not like bands usually want to get up early. I'm sure they'd be happier playing during the afternoon. I bet they never have Ray Davies on either.

Mark X said...

The hub session guests being on Lamb's show is a constant bugbear for me, because it's often bands I really like. Recently, they've had Silversun Pickups and Tiny Masters Of Today on live, meaning I've had to sit through Lamb and his crony (the Canadian bloke seems to have buggered off) playing comedy sound effects over the end of records and reading out messages from viewers, but only the ones that do nothing but say how great George Lamb is.

I can't help but feel the trailers for the sessions pander to people like me, as they tend to always end with "[Band X], live in the hub, from 11.30am", meaning people can miss the first ninety minutes of self-congratulatory tedium.

(Oh, and as you may have noticed all the messages from 'Opop' are the result of a spam flood the other day, meaning I opened my email and had to download about 700 "Opop has left a message on yuor post [title]" messages. That's why annoying Catcha boxes are temporarily in place.)

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