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  • 4/06/2009 10:57:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

You’ve got to love the 10am to 1pm shift on 6Music, haven’t you? That dizzying array of good records being spoiled by having samples from things that were on telly or cinema in the 1980s. The bits where listeners are invited to phone in and do nothing more than say how great they think the DJ is. The phalanx of sidekicks noisily expressing how good they thought the thing the DJ just said was. Man, if we could actually have sex with the hours between 10am and 1pm on 6Music weekdays, we think we would actually do that.

Sadly, that leaves a huge 21-hour gap every weekday when we’re not listening to the banter of inane Chris Moyles tribute act George Lamb. This makes us sad, and during these hours we are often found in shop doorways, drinking a mixture of White Lightning, lighter fuel and our own salty tears, muttering “shabba” repeatedly, and clumsily trying to slash ourselves with a comb. Well, thanks to BBC Worldwide, we could soon be spared of this very specific anguish, with an exciting new product for boys and girls of all ages, which we EXCLUSIVELY reveal here.


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