Sunday, 26 April 2009

“His Shirt Has A Pattern!” (Picture Special)

From the 22-11-1975 edition of TVTimes, here’s an advert for a shirt (we said ‘TVTimes’, so it is in keeping with our remit). It’s not too far removed from the hundreds of “Men! Buy this product and you WILL have sex with a lady as a direct consequence” adverts that littered Loaded and FHM in the 1990s, only a little more interesting. Well, cheesy. One day we’ll get around to starting the print ad blog we’ve been planning for ages, so we can put up the sort of thing we’re thinking about there. Anyway, click the pictures below for the full-sized versions.




Happily, in the same issue of The Magazine With So Much In It there was another advert for fashionable males, this time using the stock 70s/80s advertising format of a big picture and a shitload of text. We defy you all to come up with a 1970s fashion advert that is more 1970s than this:


For the records, the non-editorial pages in that week’s TVTimes weren’t a total sausage fest, as this advert aiming to let the ladies have a go at feeling all empowered and sexy proves:


Well, you know the old maxim. Aim for ‘dangerous, mysterious and sexy’, but don’t be disappointed if you end up with ‘that weird eagle-woman who hangs around by the demolished houses’. In short, neither gender is coming out of here with their integrity intact, are they?


No. No, they’re not. What we really need at this point is a grinning Terry Wogan to extol the virtues of a banjax-fixing elixir.


Thanks, Tel.


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