Thursday, 28 May 2009

Bye Then, Granada


Don't let your rich 79 year history hit you on the arse on your way out. Reports that the local news in the north-west of England is to be rebranded ‘ITV Studios Inc Reports’ are said to be ‘made up’. On the positive side, it will mean that the horrible typeface used atop the studios in Quay Street (pictured) might finally be taken down after forever.


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Doughboy said...

No effin way. I live in Granadaland. When people ask me where I'm from, I say, "I'm one of those folks out there in Granadaland!" I can't say I live in 'Look North West Land' that would make no sense.

The ghosts of Tony Wilson, Bob Greaves, Gordon Burns, that funny weather man fella, Lucy Meacock, Judy Finnegan, Richard her husband - will be spinning tonight. And those of em that aren't actually dead will be fuming. I'm going to stand against my local MP to save Granadaland. It's an outrage etc.

p.s they can't get rid of that nice red plastic font lettering - it's iconically naff. They'll replace it with some iPod themed font. Pathetic. Look what happened to Zavvi. 'I'm in love with the girl from a certain megastore check-out desk.' She never worked at Zavvi.

Matthew said...

I like that typeface, if only on general principles (ie at least it isn't a fucking lowercase sans serif like EVERYTHING ELSE IN GRAPHIC DESIGN THESE DAYS)

Mark X said...

The corporate identity atop the Quay Street studios really, really ought to have been a massive fuck-off yellow neon "capital G with arrow pointing up" old-school Granada logo.

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