Sunday, 10 May 2009

On The Knee Of Popular Culture

When someone is said to have their “finger on the pulse”, and they aren’t employed in the medical sector, it means they are adept at keeping in with modern trends and such. Well, our finger is somewhere around the knee area, because we’ve finally got around to starting a Flickr page. And here it is.

And what have we put on our Flickr page? Well, we’ve seen the recent trend of redesigning contemporary films, albums and videogames as if they were Penguin paperbacks from the 1960s, and shouting “us, too”. We’ve idly knocked up some album covers as if they were old paperbacks, which we present here. If we were clever, we’d have thought of doing TV shows instead, so we could make this post relevant to the blog’s remit, but there you go. Here are the pictures we’ve done. Each one links to the Flickr page for that image, where you can download the higher resolution versions.





Pet Shop Boys, April March and Tatu, there. We quite like the look of those, and will be doing more.

UPDATE: We’ve done another two:




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