Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Eurovision Semi-Live Blog

Yeah, semi-live, as we’re not really that enamoured about it so far. We’ll still be liveblogging the final itself on Saturday night, so tune in for that. For tonight, it’d be hard to come up with much. “This Swiss rock band make Razorlight look like fucking Sepultura”, for instance, who’d really need to read that? Instead, we’re going to stat up some data on last year’s acts and see who made it big. Mmm, look excited – all the fun of Eurovision, and the promise of a big chart at the end.

How it works:

We do a YouTube search for each song. We note down the number of views for the most popular search result. That’s about it. We reckon Sébastien Tellier is going to do well here, so here it is:


Here’s the rundown from last year:

Dima Bilan - Believe  (Russia, 272 pts)
Ani Lorak - Shady Lady  (Ukraine, 230 pts)
Kalomira - Secret Combination  (Greece, 218 pts)
Sirusho - Qélé, Qélé  (Armenia, 199 pts)
Maria Haukaas Storeng - Hold On Be Strong  (Norway, 182 pts)
Jelena Tomaševic - Oro   (Serbia, 160 pts)
Mor ve Ötesi - Deli  (Turkey, 138 pts)
Elnur and Samir - Day After Day  (Azerbaijan, 132 pts)
Boaz Ma'uda - The Fire in Your Eyes  (Israel, 124 pts)
Laka - Pokušaj  (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 110 pts)
Pirates of the Sea - Wolves of the Sea  (Latvia, 83 pts)
Diana Gurtskaya - Peace Will Come  (Georgia, 83 pts)
Vânia Fernandes - Senhora do mar (Negras águas)  (Portugal, 69 pts)
Euroband - This is My Life  (Iceland, 64 pts)
Simon Mathew - All Night Long  (Denmark, 60 pts)
Olta Boka - Zemrën e lamë peng  (Albania, 55 pts)
Rodolfo Chikilicuatre - Baila el Chiki-chiki  (Spain, 55 pts)
Charlotte Perrelli - Hero  (Sweden, 47 pts)
Sébastien Tellier - Divine  (France, 47 pts)
Nico and Vlad - Pe-o margine de lume  (Romania, 45 pts)
Kraljevi Ulice and 75 cents - Romanca  (Croatia, 44 pts)
Teräsbetoni - Missä miehet ratsastaa  (Finland, 35 pts)
No Angels - Disappear  (Germany, 14 pts)
Isis Gee - For Life  (Poland, 14 pts)
Andy Abraham - Even If  (United Kingdom, 14 pts)

And here is a table of our two-thousand-and-ninely adjusted scores.

Song Nation, Score YouTube Views
Dima Bilan - Believe (Russia, 272 pts) 4,606,622
Ani Lorak - Shady Lady (Ukraine, 230 pts) 3,924,121
Kalomira - Secret Combination (Greece, 218 pts) 3,227,716
Sirusho - Qélé, Qélé (Armenia, 199 pts) 1,332,180
Maria Haukaas Storeng - Hold On Be Strong (Norway, 182 pts) 778,108
Jelena Tomaševic - Oro (Serbia, 160 pts) 528,896
Mor ve Ötesi - Deli (Turkey, 138 pts) 412,169
Elnur and Samir - Day After Day (Azerbaijan, 132 pts) 881,863
Boaz Ma'uda - The Fire in Your Eyes (Israel, 124 pts) 1,327,393
Laka - Pokušaj (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 110 pts) 823,111
Pirates of the Sea - Wolves of the Sea (Latvia, 83 pts) 424,139
Diana Gurtskaya - Peace Will Come (Georgia, 83 pts) 190,967
Vânia Fernandes - Senhora do mar (Negras águas) (Portugal, 69 pts) 96,703
Euroband - This is My Life (Iceland, 64 pts) 216,917
Simon Mathew - All Night Long (Denmark, 60 pts) 167,553
Olta Boka - Zemrën e lamë peng (Albania, 55 pts) 141,852
Rodolfo Chikilicuatre - Baila el Chiki-chiki (Spain, 55 pts) 6,896,963
Charlotte Perrelli - Hero (Sweden, 47 pts) 1,391,624
Sébastien Tellier - Divine (France, 47 pts) 1,514,851
Nico and Vlad - Pe-o margine de lume (Romania, 45 pts) 515,531
Kraljevi Ulice and 75 cents - Romanca (Croatia, 44 pts) 92,947
Teräsbetoni - Missä miehet ratsastaa (Finland, 35 pts) 623,008
No Angels - Disappear (Germany, 14 pts) 325,092
Isis Gee - For Life (Poland, 14 pts) 506,378
Andy Abraham - Even If (United Kingdom, 14 pts) 439,150


And so, sorting them by YouTube views, and shoving them into a chart, here’s the result.



Woo, yeah! We were wrong about Seb Tellier, but this does give us a perfect excuse to post a video of Spain’s premier Rolf Harris impersonator. Everybody do El Robocop!


See you on Saturday! (Or, more accurately in a bit, because we’ve got another, non-Eurovision, non-charty update to put up.



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