Tuesday, 9 June 2009

More News Going Wrong

That last update has been linked to on Metafilter, resulting in a minor flurry of hits to the blog. As a direct result, because we’re needy enough to pander to any reasonably large crowd glancing in our general direction, here’s a minor collection of other news-related titsuppery from YouTube. Some of these are mentioned in the comments of the aforelinked Metafilter page, credits included where due (because we can’t be bothered registering on there to thank the poster directly). We’d sooner all the comments had just been about how great we are, but we assume everyone is just taking that bit as read.

Firstly, legendary CBS Evening News anchor Bob Schieffer in 1977, having a bad start to his bulletin (from Metafilter user evilcolonel):

“Good evening!”

The first of several CNN blooper reels, pretty much the stateside equivalent of our very own Christmas Tapes (also from evilcolonel):

“Oh.. shit.”

More, here, and here and here.

A shorter clip of CNN’s Nancy Grace and Clark Goldband doing a pre-planning ‘bit’, where they try to extract the maximum amount of jollity from… erm… a story about rape. That’s rape. Bloody hell.

From ‘New York Good Day’, here’s a very special ELDERLY ANCHOR VERSUS ELDERLY ANCHOR BITCH FIGHT. He could almost be the American Peter O’Hanrahanrahan.

“I was your boss, once!”

The world’s most unfortunately placed aston:

But, saving the best ‘til last, here’s a non news clip. Instead it’s a few highlights of Eurovision 1977, with a hugely entertaining talkback track from the gallery included. Starring a director so angry he makes his counterpart from yesterday’s BBC News clip sound like Sergeant Wilson from Dad’s Army. We know there’s an annoying graphic popping up throughout this video, but you don’t really need the pictures.

It’s possible this is an elaborate hoax, but we prefer to think it’s the real deal, mainly because the thought of things like this going on behind the scenes add to the magic of television (as posted on Metafilter by malevolent).

“Sound! Sound! Have you cut the sound? Put the sound… there’s fuck all sound in here[… ]This bloody organisation!”

The thing we now want our of combined Christmas and birthday present: a full, unedited copy of the above non-broadcast recording to be uploaded to UKNova.

[update] We have investigated. The Eurovision 1977 clip is real, the director in question being the well-regarded Stewart Morris. A clip from the BBC Christmas Tape for 1979 (Good King Memorex) lightly parodied his Euroantics from 1977. Hurrah!

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Stuart said...

The CNN blooper reels are great, there's a load from the 90's there too. Such things are so much better wghen there's the talkback to go with it.

Here's another that's doing teh rounds at the mo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjDNlYAJlPs


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