Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Lamb: Slaughtered

In April, we sharpened up our most satirical crayons and cobbled together this:


And as a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE just seven months later:

imageNo need to thank us.

But ignoring the thoughts of needlessly bitter telly blogs who’d rather 6Music had just kept the Jupitus-Coe dream team on mornings, what do the actual people think? Well, we’ve just done a Twitter search of the last hundred mentions for “George Lamb”, and totted up the types of reaction to the news. We’ve accounted for people expressing delight at his departure, people expressing their regret at his departure (alongside pleased Lamb-fans who are happy they can now hear him at the weekend), and even totted up the tweets simply reporting the news without expressing an opinion either way. We’ve discounted any retweets linking to the story that haven’t expressed a preference either way, as there’s not much point to them. Erm, except there isn’t much point to any of this, is there? And yet we’ve spent valuable moments of our one and only life calculating these figures. We could have been out selling poppies or being polite to tramps. God, what are we doing?

Oh, and we’ve also accounted for people using the news to moan about something else entirely, because it’s the internet, and there’ll always be people wanting to do just that.



So there you go. Sixty individual people taking time out of their day to express the delight they felt at the reduction in annoying samples being played out on 6Music at random in lieu of actual content, with just sixteen expressing their dismay. The story (which was several hours old by 6pm) was deemed worthy of reporting by fifteen twitterers, and just two people used it as the catalyst for a different bugbear entirely (namely how much they respectively hate Jon Holmes and like Andrew Collins).

If there’s a downside to all this, it’s that Lauren Laverne taking over Lamb’s slot means a slightly reduced chance of any Kenickie records being played between 10am and 1pm (because she’s too modest), and that current host of the weekend breakfast show Iyare is getting dumped altogether. A shame, as he always seemed to prefer playing records to promoting his own ‘brand’ (y’know, like disc jockeys are meant to do). In any case, 6Music, and by extension The Whole Of The BBC is now slightly better off. Shabba.


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fist_of_onan said...


Anonymous said...

I hate George Lamb.

Thing is, I hate Lauren Laverne even more..

Nirejhenge said...

This anonymous chap really needs to be taken for correction as soon as possible. Lauren is quite obviously one of most lovely things ever to grace this existence. She even kindly answered my nonsense questions when she was on Xfm.

Word verification: Sycadiqu

Mark X said...

How could anyone hate Lauren Laverne? It'd be like saying you hate kittens, cake or whatever your own personal favourite TV show of all time. It just doesn't compute.

Doughboy said...

I think this is the very definition of the Oedipus complex as I have always wanted to kill George and marry Lauren. But hopefully when we do get wed Cerys Matthews will move in next door.

But since when was 'controversial' a synonym for shit?


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