Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The BBC Cuts: Thundering Idiocy Special (2)

Another aspect of the BBC cuts announced today is that, as expected, BBC Worldwide is likely to lose control of magazines such as Top Gear and the Radio Times. Of course, we remember the days when BBC Worldwide used to announce new projects frequently, no matter whether they’d be profitable or not. One such example we can EXCLUSIVELY reveal here.

1997. BBC Worldwide decided it was to make a move into the lucrative world of videogames. After all, the original Sony PlayStation was really taking off, and PlayStation titles using the BBC’s biggest properties would surely be a massive hit.

Sadly, the first title, based on one of BBC Two’s leading figures at the time, and a certain interview on a flagship news programme, only saw a limited release. The title was soon being pulled from the shelves after a lawsuit was swiftly filed by Namco’s legal department. We’ve got some EXCLUSIVE shots of the game for you here, see if you can work out why it was pulled.




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Mike Landers said...

That would be the hugely profitable Top Gear and Radio Times, the profits of which can be ploughed back into the budget instead of being subsidised by the licence fee.

Oh, but we can't have the BBC being successful in things. It must cater for the stuff commercial braodcasters won't touch.

Like 6 Music and the Asian Network.

Well [b]fucking[/b] done, BBC!


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