Thursday, 18 March 2010

BrokenTV’s Pop Pocket: Hot Chip

We’ve been too busy emulating Bernard Black from the Black Books episode where he was locked out of his shop, and had to find ways to keep himself warm and entertained on the streets of London overnight, today. If you replace “locked out of his shop” with “waited for our car speakers to be replaced”, and “streets of London” for the less exciting “nondescript industrial estate in the middle of nowhere”. Oh, plus designing a logo for a top secret forthcoming project. But anyway, that means we’ve had no time today in which to pen our missive on why What’s The Problem (With Anne Robinson) was the third best television programme of the 00s just yet. Oops, what a giveaway. So here’s a pop video to tide you SOBs* over until we do it.

(*Actually, why is that phrase expressed like that? The full version is ‘sons of bitches’, so surely a more correct abbreviation would be ‘SsOBs’? And what about any females you’d be including in that group? What about them, eh? Gabbo really didn’t think things through.)

It’s the new Hot Chip video, directed by noted Twitterer @Serafinowicz, and while it might initially seem to be a straight copy of the promo for Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine’s “Let’s Get Tattoos”, it isn’t. So, enjoy, and try to ignore that the embedded video probably looks a bit odd because we've messed up resizing it to fit the blog template properly.



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