Monday, 8 March 2010

It’s BrokenTV’s Pop Pocket!

Yeah, we know we’re not meant to be a music blog, but this is really good. It’s the (edited) video for the new Babybird single, directed by Johnny Depp (you know, him off Benny & Joon). It’s a great video, and hey, an utterly brilliant song too, packed with all the swirling wordplay we’ve come to associate with Stephen Jones and his special songwriting pen.

One of the things we really like about Stephen Jones is the way that for every commercially viable move he makes, he deliberately shoots himself in the foot. “You’re Gorgeous” was a huge success with people who didn’t pick up on the actual theme of the song? Make sure the lead single from the following album is one of the grimmest pop songs ever to be pressed into twin CD singles (Bad Old Man, possibly the only song to get daytime airplay on Radio 1 that contains the word ‘paedophile’). Got a Hollywood A-lister to make his directorial debut shooting one of your pop videos? Ensure there’s no way it’ll get shown uncut on the vast majority of music video channels.

We dedicate this update to all the people who liked "You’re Gorgeous”, went and bought a copy of “Ugly Beautiful”, and were unable to listen to it beyond the demented magnificence of King Bing.

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Derek Williams said...

5 to 1 coming any time soon?

Mark X said...

Yes, at 12.55pm.

(God, I'm unloveable at times.)

No, next update will be a return to the chart. I've rejigged the order slightly, so my nearly complete entry is now slightly higher up the list.

scissorkicks said...

"Bad Old Man" is available as Karaoke at Lucky Voice (and presumably on their home service as well). Had great fun killing the buzz at a boozy Karaoke sesh with that, once.

Andy said...

Yahoo seem to cut the end slightly going by the youtube version. Swines. Lovely song though, thanks for 'perking' my 'interest'.

Applemask said...

The mere notion of a karaoke version of "Bad Old Man" is the most briliant thing ever.

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