Wednesday, 23 May 2007

An Update A Day: Volume Two

It's BrokenTV's 100th post, so what better way to celebrate than post an update that has nothing at all to do with television. But, at least it's topical. Here, indeed, we go.

Of course, we say Live from Athens, but in actual fact we'd merely popped into the Liverpool FC club shop, and whilst there we picked up a copy of the match programme for the Champions League Final. Hey, it's as close to Athens as our budget would allow.

Thumbing through the programme, there's a nice little section towards the end where they've included information on match programmes from all the previous finals, including from the days when (a) football was better, because we didn't have Alan Shearer punditeering on it, and (b) the covers of foreign football programmes were quite often wonderfully mental affairs, often resembling the product of a hyperactive five-year-old left alone with some coloured felt and some scissors, or a propaganda poster from Mussolini-controlled Italy. Here we take a look at

BrokenTV's Five Favourite And Five Least Favourite Covers For European Champions Cup Finals Match Programmes Between The Years Of 1956 And 1985: Part One

We've scanned in all of our favourite and least favourite ones, irrevocably creasing the spine of our pristine new match programme in the process. Which means we probably can't get as much for it on eBay. Damn.

The Five Best

1964 (Vienna) Inter 3 Real Madrid 1

We were in a wonderfully fusty old bookshop today, and this splendid cover really does remind us of a cracking old Penguin Classics paperback, possibly about Smasher Jenkins and the Cup Final Mystery. Hurrah. 82%

1982 (Rotterdam) Aston Villa 1 Bayern Munchen 0

Classic early-1980s. Why, it's could almost be the cover of an old not-quite-official Atari VCS game which merely featured a few faintly coloured blobs moving around a square blob while other slightly-differently colour blobs moved around slowly. That, and a just a dash of the old TSW logo. 85%

1980 (Madrid) Nottingham Forest 1 Hamburg 0

Mmm, nice use of left-justified helvetica on a plain background. Ages before BBC One thought of doing it, and it looks a lot nicer too. 91%

1960 (Glasgow) Real Madrid 7 Eintracht Frankfurt 3
Widely regarded as the greatest final of all time, and what a cover. Evocative of a 1930s edition of Boys Own*, but also incorporating a Superman-type title at the top. We'd love to see them do something like this nowadays. 94%
(*Well, we think so, even though we weren't born until the 1970s)

1959 (Stuttgart) Real Madrid 2 Stade de Reims 0

See above, but this is much more classy. Would be more at home as the cover illustration for a copy of Tiger Comic where 'Golden' Gordon Jordan has just twenty minutes to win Rothermere Wanderers the European Cup... and to stop the Red Menace kidnapping first-team manager 'Gentleman' Sid Charmonderly-Smith, but what can you do. 95%

Tomorrow - Part Two: The Five Worst Covers For European Champions Cup Finals Match Programmes Between The Years Of 1956 And 1985. Also, possibly something someone would actually want to read about what we're supposed to be writing about.

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