Sunday, 27 May 2007

An Update A Day: Day Six

Here's a YouTube clip we'd uploaded a while ago, but don't seem to have mentioned here. Which is a pity, as it's blimmin' great.

It's from an episode of LWT's 'An Audience With Jasper Carrott' (no relation to the later LWT celebgasms of the same name), where, in a departure from his usual shaggy dog stories, Jasp goes off on one about Monty Python. All done in an affectionate way, of course, and interesting to see because we haven't really seen him do something like this in anything else. The main point of the routine revolves entirely around one of the Python sketch most people don't even remember - that's proper reference comedy for you.

Of course, it'd be nice to see more repeats of his topical output. The clips from '...Lib' and '...Confidential' that have cropped up on Paramount's repeat showings of The Jasper Carrott Trial have all been excellent, so why not show them again? The fact that they were related to various news items from the early-to-mid 1980s didn't stop UK Gold repeating Carrott's Lib in the mid 1990', and very welcome they were too. Even if the routine sniggering at the contents of the Protect And Survive leaflet would have seriously freaked out our terrified-by-seeing-Threads little minds if we'd seen it go out at the time of it's original transmission. Come on, ITV3, Paramount Comedy, hell, even Men and Motors, pull your commissioning fingers out and get it shown (or, more realistically, UKNova).

Of course, the very moment we get appointed to the BBC Trust (WHICH WILL HAPPEN), we're going to make damn well sure there's a TV equivalent of BBC7. All Comrade Dad, Cool It, A Kick Up The 80's, Morning Sarge, Q, Comic Asides and I Lovett, all of the time.

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