An Update A Day: Day Five

  • 5/26/2007 03:53:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Yes, it's very late, and yes, it's nearly 5am on Saturday morning (hey, we've been out drinking copious amounts of alcohol and driving 65mph go-karts all day, and thankfully not in that order), so you'll have to excuse a slightly half-hearted Update A Day update for today.

Luckily, you won't have to excuse anything at all. Despite everything, we've pulled out the stops to give you a SOLID GOLD YOUTUBE SPECIAL UPDATE for the weekend. Oh yes. It's magical. It's fantastical. It's the greatest thing we've found on YouTube after the Richard Massingham public information films that we'd put on there ourselves. What can it be? It's more majestic than we could ever have imagined. It's...

That's right, the first ever episode of Prisoner Cell Block H, in full, in four parts. Yes, while it might well be some way away from the Lexie Patterson* Golden Age, it still had Vinegar Tits (indisputably the greatest ever name for a character in a recurring drama), Lizzie Birdsworth, the mighty Bea Smith, and of course officer Meg Jackson.

(*We're not ashamed in saying Lexie Patterson is the character in a soap opera we have fancied the most out of all the soap opera characters we've ever fancied ever. Yes, even including Charlene Mitchell and Beth Willis. She'd be around 47 years old now. We probably still 'would'.)

The Freaktastic last episode is up there in full as well, as are several other seminal episodes. If nothing else, at least it gives us something to use our internet for now the football season has ended so we don't need PPStream any more.

Six hundred BrokenTV bonus points are on offer for anyone who can point us in the direction of a YouTubed copy of the episode of PCBH where Lexie gets off with a 'garbo' so she can claim she's up the duff so she doesn't get knifed for being a 'lag'. You don't get this sort of plotline in Emmerdale, you know.

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