Logo Police

  • 8/08/2008 12:51:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

The new channel identities for Skys One, Two and Three have been unveiled. And here they are.

Oh dear. Admittedly, we spend a bit too long on this blog doing little more than just slagging off new 'developments' in television, but when it comes to these they'd better do something pretty bloody impressive 'on-screen'. Luckily, going by the press release, there will be distinctive "elements" making up each channel's respective 'brand' 'identities'. Going from the article on Digital Spy -

Sky 1 will adopt "solids", where shards of blue come together to make up the "1", Sky 2 will look liquid, and Sky 3 will take on a "particles" motif. The channels' idents will be powered by a new live presentation system, with the various motifs highlighting content exclusive to Sky.

Mm. Given Sky's mixed history when it comes to on-screen presentation, we're going to embargo our opinions for now, as these could turn out to be surprisingly non-rubbish. We can't help but feel however, if someone had uploaded the above images to the TV Forum Mock Designs forum*, they'd be roundly vilified for being done in MS Paint.

(*Where, somewhat surprisingly given how it annoys us when it happens in other fora, the TVFMD people's short shrift of rubbish n00b contributions is refreshingly even-handed. For one thing, they always show their workings out when slagging off someone's stab at 'reinventing' ITV1's continuity, and there are a few talented individuals there who would be right at home working for Red Bee.)

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