The Next Big Eleven Year Old Thing

  • 8/27/2008 07:49:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

We've been on one of our semi-regular sessions of tidying up the teetering pile of old magazines in BrokenTV's spare bedroom. A curious flick through the August 1997 edition of Select magazine (cover stars: bloody Oasis, obviously) reveals this interesting objet d'jour (click to open the full article) :


A box for £99 that allows you to play along with Family Fortunes and Fifteen to One. Or indeed, as was the intention, all quizzes. It could also be used with sport - Ladbrokes invested £20m in trying to win back gamblers lured over to the National Lottery.

Sadly, it didn't really work out, as the fact you haven't got one under your telly will attest. An interesting little curio, nonetheless.

Coincidentally, did anyone buy one? A question not necessarily aimed at the just the readers of this blog. Did anyone at all buy one? We can't remember them ever going on sale. Quite likely the manufacturers realised Sky Digital was less than a year away from launch, while the internet was starting to become something normal people were interested in*, and it was given up as a bad job.

(*We're not being snooty when we say that, we'd already been on the glacially slow mid-90s issue internet for over a year by that point. You needed the patience of a saint - specifically Saint Francis de Sales - for it to do anything remotely interesting, and web browsers actually cost money. )

Bonus scan: a short article saying how skill Nightingales was.

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