Pretend Provocative Things Low-Ranking Talking Heads Say But Don't Really Believe On Clip Shows In Order To Momentarily Seem Interesting

  • 8/14/2008 09:12:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Part one of a 2,697 part series

Clip Show: Call The Cops, a look back at police drama series on British television
Channel: BBC Four
Date: 12th August 2008
Talking Head: Sam Delaney, "Writer" and "Broadcaster"
Actual Link With Subject Covered By Programme: None

Pretend Provocative Comment: "We all suspect that they are bent, at least on some small level. At least you'd hope so. Well, why are you a policeman? Just to boss people around? If you're on the make, I might have little bit of respect for you!"

Gobshite Ranking: Hoping to be a Miff Daniels for the ABC1 demographic.

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