Friday, 13 July 2012

Mad Dogs and Cricketers


Today’s LovelyFindFromYouTube™: Mad Dogs and Cricketers, a 1978 film about The Lord’s Taverners, a travelling cricket team of celebrities and former cricketers who would put on charity matches all over the world. Including the talents of John “Three Days In A Row On This Blog” Cleese, Nicholas “Never Ever Bloody Anything Ever” Parson, Willie “M… A… C… ah!” Rushton, Roy “Boys In Blue” Kinnear and Sir Tim “Big In Albania” Rice. Best of all, the film’s introduced and narrated by Eric Morecambe.

For the record, The Lord’s Taverners are still a going concern nowadays, with them being a leading sports charity with the admirable aim of giving young people, particularly those with special needs, a sporting chance. Is there any good reason you shouldn’t visit their website today? Well, we’re ‘stumped’ if we can think of one. And that’s the only cricket reference we know.



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