Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sound On (Sound On!) Vision On (Vision On!)

[Speaking of The Mike Sammes Singers – which we will in a few sentences – you could do a lot worse than pick up a copy of excellent TMSS collection Music For Biscuits. And reading publisher Trunk Records’ lovely piece on the great man’s work. “Fine Fare”, we’re sure you’ll agree. A-ha-ha.]

Yesterday’s talk of ITV past somehow somehow let several hundred words fall from our fingers without mention of the most memorable event for our first five years on this planet.

(Reader’s voice: “What’s that? The death of Elvis? The Silver Jubilee? Panini launching a sticker album all about motorbikes, even though you hated and still hate motorbikes, but were fascinated by all the motorcycle manufacturer logos for some reason, you strange, troubled little child, you?”)

Well, very close with that last one, but no. It was of course: this, probably The Mike Sammes Singers’ finest hour.

“I’m winning, Mildred!” “What ARE you doing?” “I’m playing with myself.”



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