Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Rings Around The World


Is this thing on? Hopefully, after the CATASTROPHIC failure of us scheduling posts properly the other day, our One Post Per Day Policy is now working properly and you’re reading this on Tuesday 10th July at, ooh, 7pm. If so: hello! We’re writing this four days ago. Did Andy Murray win the tennis? Did people keep wrongly claiming that no Briton has featured in a Wimbledon final since 1938, because seemingly all the British women who did just that don’t count?

Today’s delve into the digital depths of yesteryear is this, via maximumfun.org and The Monty Python Museum, a PBS pledge drive from 1975. It’s quite excellently titled “Eleven Great Nights On Channel 13”, and we must admit that the whole idea of PBS pledge drives has always fascinated us. So, on the one hand, it’s a bit like Children In Need but without the ‘helping children in need’ bit. On the other hand, it’s a bit like Children In Need, but without the mood-deflating clips of said needy children. Plus, with these all being local PBS stations, it was all on a small enough scale for there actually people in the studio answering phones and taking pledges, so need need for cutaways to whatever Dallas’ version of Mike ‘Smitty’ Smith Up The Telecom Tower would have been.

Anyway, if that’s all very boring for you (not wholly surprising), this DOES have the added bonus factor of the clip being an interview with the Monty Python team, there partly to plug the as-then-waiting-for-a-distributor Holy Grail. As that earlier link to The Monty Python Museum suggested.

Bon appetit.

Don’t you just wish regional TV in the UK needed events like this? I mean, the regional opt-outs in Telethon ‘88 were all well and good, but no-one got the chance to phone up and personally speak to Bob Greaves. So unfair.



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