Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wonderful YouTube clip of the day: Monkhouse/Streeb-Greebling

[Image shamefully borrowed from Mustard magazine’s website. Go buy an issue now. NOW. We’ll wait.]

HISTORY LESSON FOR YOUNGER VIEWERS: You know comedy ‘podcasts’, yeah? Where the likes of Richard Herring, Marc Maron, Aisha Tyler, Ken Plume or The Nerdist guys interview a comedian for so very long it takes about four days commute to even listen to one podcast? Well, we had those in the 1980s too, except them they were called ‘chat shows’, and were just the same except you couldn’t listen to them on the bus unless you’d sneaked a telly onto it.

A prime example of which is this, from the quite criminally never repeated (COME ON, BBC FOUR) Bob Monkhouse Show in 1985. Bob’s guest is Peter Cook, who in a move that seems near-incomprehensible to our 21st Century minds, hasn’t really got anything to plug, but is mainly there to run through a classic Cook & Moore sketch with Lord Bob playing Dud’s interviewer role. Lovely stuff.

We were about to type “why can’t we have a TV show about comedy like this nowadays”, but then we remembered it’d probably involve Mark Dolan asking Mickey Flanagan about how wacky it is living in the East End, and died a little inside.


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