Friday, 24 November 2006

Tiswas: It's Coming Back

MediaGuardian says:
"ITV is set to air a 90-minute special version of 1970s children's show Tiswas. Presenter Chris Tarrant and other members of the original cast are due to be reunited for the one-off, according to The Sun. The return of the cult show will feature clips of the original, plus new sketches. However, co-producer Tarrant is said to be searching his own collection of tapes for Tiswas footage after it emerged that 350 master tapes were thrown away."
Good news, of course, as Tiswas was wonderful and much better than boring old Swap Shop. And it's nice to see ITV paying tribute to one of it's classic programmes that isn't Spitting Image (which they inevitably go and mess up by letting John Fucking Culshaw anywhere near it).

Things that are going to happen in ITV's forthcoming Tiswas revival:

1) They won't mention any of the dodgy racist bits that were it, such as Chris Tarrant in a pretend 'Lenny Henry: This Is Your Life' segment saying that Len has been "seen everywhere, apart from in coal mines". Yes, really. It's on the VHS 'Best of' that we've got.

2) There will be an interview with the man who used to be the tiny child who used to dress up as a rabbit and sing Bright Eyes, which won't be very interesting because, really, how can it be, unless he has since turned into one of those odd 'FurryLover' people who populate 60% of Second Life and can only get an erection while dressed as a woodland creature, or something?

3) There'll be about twenty seconds about OTT, and that only saying how terrible it was, even though it actually quite enjoyable in a knockabout way. And clearly a billion times better than Bo! in the USA.

4) They'll pass on the opportunity to show an entire episode (taken from Chris Tarrant's shed) on one of their digital offshoot channels, because then there'd be slightly less room for people who've been on Big Brother trying to con people on low incomes into wasting £1.50 a call that doesn't even 'get through' on a fixed 'quiz'. Well, after spending ninety minutes showing us all the best bits and saying how ace it all was, why would viewers possibly want the chance to see an episode for themselves, eh?

5) Three million slightly pathetic men in their thirties will make a mental note of whether they still 'would' when the Sally James of 2006 appears on screen.

Saturday, 11 November 2006

It's a new find

New, from the makers of BrokenTV: BrokenFM. Like BrokenTV, but about music, and home to at least two good ideas. Only one of which was stolen from elsewhere

Issue one comes with a super free gift for all boys and girls - a 99 track compilation that can magically fit onto a single CD (until the link gets removed).

Friday, 10 November 2006

Accidental Rudeness News


You know, for ages now, we've been looking over the blog and wondering why no-one ever leaves comments any more. Over twenty people have been looking at the site every single week, and nary a "dude, where are the pictures of Beverly D'Angelo in the shower I'd Googled?". With typical stiff-upper-lipedness we'd continued to post, but always in the back of our minds were the sounds of children taunting us with cries of "you're a rubbish blog that no-one comments on" to the sound of Ring A Ring Of Roses (it didn't scan very well, but that's what they'd chant).

Just now, we've flipped over to the new Blogger software, and upon logging in to prepare for Secret Super Excellent New Project, we've just noticed a tab labelled "52 Unmoderated Comments". One click later, and in amongst all of the "Grate site! Please be visit my site full of teh scamware!" comments from scammers, were several proper comments from loyal readers. Oh, you guys! Here, have some lollipops!

They're yoghurt flavoured ones and everything.

Commenting should now be working properly, so you can all feel free to tell us what you think again. And with luck, the voices of the children in our head will soon go back to only taunting us about that tramp we killed when we were eleven.
(Coincidentally, all of the comments should now be in place, if anyone wants to read them.)

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

BrokenTV's Nitpicky Review of The State Within, in Easy To Digest Chunks

The deleted final scene from the Everybody
Hurts video finally unearthed.

We're glad they stopped the shaky-close-up-on-faces-o-cam after the first few minutes. It looked awful.

Was is just us, or did quite a look of it seem overdubbed? The dialogue didn't quite fit the action in a few of the office scenes, and sounded as if it were recorded in a sound booth, not the set of an office. Quite distracting, really.

The Virginia Governor going all Sun reader "lock the lot of 'em up" crazy after one terror attack seemed a bit unrealistic, even for an American politico. If it had been referred to as the second or third similar attack in a few years, that would have made more sense. They could have just mentioned it, they wouldn't have needed to prepare another expensive CGI shot or anything.

Why do dramas like this and Death of a President always have such laughably fake looking pretend American news channels? Can't they get the people behind The Day Today's 10NN to knock something up? The fake news network didn't even have the Stars 'n' Stripes, or horrid over-CGI'd WAR ON AMERICA FROM THE SKIES logo on screen or anything. We could be grateful they didn't just rope in some News 24 presenters like they normally do, or do what Doctor Who did, and have a pretend American news network operating in what is clearly the Wales Today studio ("Look, there's where Bob Humphrys usually sits!").

The young muslim couple INADEQUATE SPOILER SPACE in the car who got killed should have been introducing into the story near the start, getting concerned about the attack, started to get annoyed by the press treatment, and just when you think they're going to become main characters, the accident happens. If you're going to be a conspiracy drama with lots of twists, this is the sort of thing you should be doing, not faux-controversial OMG THAT EVIL EMBASSY BLOKE IS A GAY111! stuff.

So, who will the baddies be? The fictional country that the writers have made up a name for especially for the show? Could be!

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