Saturday, 31 July 2010

Tumblr and Fall

What with BrokenTV being keenly up-to-date with all manner of online developments, we’ve decided to join Tumblr. We suspect it might just be the next big internet thing. (Reader’s voice: “This isn’t 2007, you know.”) Here are some of the things we’ve thrown on there so far:

image Eagle-eyed viewers might notice: some amusingly old-fashioned advertising, a few things from television and film, some photos of the one-off Sinclair Spectrum+ in white, and the reason why so many people refer to us as “someone with far too much spare time on their hands”.

We’ll probably also bung up some things that we’ve done that aren’t really good enough to put up on the blog. Like this:


Well, if you download a film, and the first minute is in shitty camcorder-o-scope, with audio that appears to be sneaking out of a broken Walkman half a mile away, you ARE likely to think “ah, balls to it. I’ll just watch it in the cinema”.

Well, our rubbish jokes normally attract the occasional tumbleweed, so we might as well put them onto a TumblrFeed. A-ha-ha. Anyway, the BrokenTumblr lives here: Enjoy.

Meanwhile, this is the best pop video of the year so far:


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Little-Seen TV Merchandise From The 1980s

These seemed like a better idea when we started doing them. Based on this post at UnrealityMag.

image image image


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Five Most Pointless Types of ‘News’ on Digital Spy

We realise, this is going to come as a shock to any readers who’ve just awoken from a twenty year long coma, but there is a worrying surplus of “entertainment news” these days. Of course, by “entertainment news”, we mean “painfully desperate rehashing of press releases”. Back in the Golden Age Of Hollywood, it would have been “Humphrey Bogart in bar brawl with gibbon”, “Brando to be first man on Venus?” or “Hedy Lamarr invents torpedo guidance system” (that last one isn’t a joke, by the way), but now we’re expected to feign interest on learning that Jeremy Clarkson said something a bit right-wing, Paris Hilton is thinking of buying a hat, or that Lady Gaga has heard of Finland.

For reasons which we can’t even explain to ourselves, we keep looking at Digital Spy. Mainly out of some idiotic sense of loyalty, because we remember when it used to be called DigiNews, and was mainly concerned with announcing new channels popping up or closing down on the then-new Sky Digital service (“Bah, ITV are still refusing to put any of their channels on Sky”). Since then, it’s grown, taking in more mainstream types of news story (i.e. those appealing to non-spods), and grown into a hugely popular website as a result. Meanwhile, BrokenTV has remained resolutely unpopular and not that good. Why? Because we’ve got integrity, dammit.

image BrokenTV, post-relaunch.


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