Friday, 30 August 2019

The World Of Pub Collaboration Matrix

When Britbox finally plops down a stack of suitcases at the Hotel de la Oversaturated Streaming Service Marketplace, there are a number of series we'd love to see on there. But almost definitely won't. 

Like what?* Like: Comrade Dad (George Cole stars in a uncannily prescient prediction of Brexiteers desperately proclaiming everything to be fine despite overwhelming evidence their Russia-backed utopia is an utter disaster), Rutland Weekend Television (despite everyone in the world who wants to see it already having done so), or even Tony Hancock's ATV series (or his BBC series, actually). Plus, another underrated sitcom that doesn't seem to have hit the regular Gold Channel repeat cycles afforded other comedy shows of its era. That sitcom: 2001's BBC2 offering World Of Pub.


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