Friday, 30 August 2019

The World Of Pub Collaboration Matrix

When Britbox finally plops down a stack of suitcases at the Hotel de la Oversaturated Streaming Service Marketplace, there are a number of series we'd love to see on there. But almost definitely won't. 

Like what?* Like: Comrade Dad (George Cole stars in a uncannily prescient prediction of Brexiteers desperately proclaiming everything to be fine despite overwhelming evidence their Russia-backed utopia is an utter disaster), Rutland Weekend Television (despite everyone in the world who wants to see it already having done so), or even Tony Hancock's ATV series (or his BBC series, actually). Plus, another underrated sitcom that doesn't seem to have hit the regular Gold Channel repeat cycles afforded other comedy shows of its era. That sitcom: 2001's BBC2 offering World Of Pub.

Taken from Radio 4 and shovelled into a Sunday night slot seldom used for sitcoms, World of Pub might not have set the comedy world alight, but it regularly wrung a higher than average number of chortles from each episode. And if nothing else, World of Pub is notable for starring a septet of comedy players prone to cropping up in each other's millennial-era comedy offerings. 

Phil Cornwell and Peter Serafinowicz played Garry and Barry, co-owners of London's most unsuccessful pub, while Kevin Eldon played sole regular Dodgy Phil. Together, they plotted to improve the lot of the luckless local. In doing so, they come across a cornucopia of cockney characters, largely played by a quartet of actors in a variety of guises: Simon Greenall, Martin Trenaman, Geoffrey McGivern and (as some people may have forgotten) Martin Freeman

Many of these people have appeared in other combinations. And, on one of those early morning, up before everyone else with nothing much to do, we decided to fire up IMDB's Collaborations engine to see which programmes have shared more than one World of Pub cast member. And here's all that info for you, right now, in an image we haven't even watermarked so you can steal it and tell everyone who visits your British comedy Tumblr page that you made it.

There. It's worth pointing out that the above chart only accounts for individual episodes sharing more than one cast member, so you might be able to find some instances where more than one actor appeared in different episodes of the same series - just to make that clear before someone pipes up with "actually two of them cropped up in Spatz" or something. 

As for Britbox - it's going to have Only Fools & Horses, The Royle Family and The Office all over the damn thing, and no-one will bother with it because there's already fifty other places to watch each show. PROVE US WRONG.

(*We KNOW all those examples are on YouTube - look, we've put links in and everything - but imagine them appearing in a condition as pristine as decades of residency in a broadcasting archive will allow. We can but dream.)


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