Thursday, 3 April 2008

Exciting News For All Readers Inside!

We were going to write a lengthy introduction to this statement, but as we're so dispirited by our failed quest to find a picture advertising the merger of one IPC comic with another, we can't really bring ourselves to type a lot here. Really, you'd think Flickr would be awash with scans of the least unpopular characters from School Fun wandering across a schoolyard to meet the main characters of Whizzer and Chips, but it isn't. Bah. There's not even a record of which became ones became Chip-ites and which joined the Whizz-kid camp. Did Young Arfur make the cut? We don't know! You've failed us, science. We've had to improvise, quite badly, as the hastily assembled jpeg just up there will attest.

Anyway, seeing as how BrokenTV's sister blogs, BrokenFM and Booked (Dissent) are currently seeing less action than, oh we don't know, Peter Crouch or something, we're going to include any musings we might have on football or music on BrokenTV. It'll save the hardy crew of our most loyal reader (no typo, there) having to click on different bookmarks, if nothing else.

So, erm, consider this a 'BLOG CLOSED' notice for BrokenFM and Booked (Dissent), and expect slightly more regular updates to BrokenTV in the near future. But it's not all bad news! As everyone knows, the first post-merger edition of a comic has to include a SUPER FREE GIFT FOR ALL BOYS AND GIRLS, and we're no different. Click below to recieve (i.e. visit) your FREE! BrokenTV mixtape ( mix), lovingly compiled (illegally uploaded) by BrokenTV's Mark X (erm, or not him, if you're the BPI).

If your free tape is missing, contact your newsagent


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Steve Williams said...

It's no wonder you couldn't find a picture of School Fun merging with Whizzer and Chips, as it actually merged with Buster.

I think my favourite comic merger was The Topper merging with The Sparky, as somewhat remarkably the annuals merged as well and there was The Topper And Sparky Book for, what, 1981? Whereas normally you'd continue to get annuals published for comics that had closed down years before, much to the bemusement of new readers.

In fact, quite a few comics kept having summer specials too, and I remember in 1986, Buster printing a big chart of all the summer specials that were coming out and when, a la "MONSTER FUN - May 28th, WHOOPEE - 2nd June" and so forth. I loved that chart.

Mark X said...

Bah, I could have sworn another comic had merged with Whizzer and Chips around the time School Fun closed, and I'd moved on to Smash Hits and Your Sinclair by the time Buster merged with it.

I recall a regular rush to the local newsagent on many of the days the Summer Specials were published, in order to get hold of one before the massive three they'd have on sale sold out. Surely, as the sole comics vendor in a village containing a hundred or so children, they'd get a few more in. Harumph.

Anonymous said...

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