Clarifications and Corrections

  • 4/20/2008 09:30:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

In a blog post dated Friday, 11th April, BrokenTV wrote about how Stephen Fry topping the podcast charts was:
a pretty good sign that all is really rather corking with the Britain of 2008's intellect, we'd say.
With the news that Fonejacker has just won this years BAFTA award for Best Comedy Programme, we would like to distance ourselves utterly from our previous statement.

Fonejacker, for fuck's sake. We're moving to Norway. Top tip for 2009: Alex Zane Presents Hidden Camera Footage Of Abandoned Babies Left In Shopping Centres, Only When Members Of The Public Stop To Check They're Okay, They're Actually Fake Exploding Babies Filled With Soot, Ha Ha, Look At Their Stupid Bewildered Faces, The Idiots!

Admittedly, Harry Hill also won an award, but as he's pretty much the TV comedy equivalent of Cristiano Ronaldo right now, that was a given.

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