• 4/22/2008 12:28:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

The return of the prodigal irritant George Lamb earlier today got us to thinking. How do people like him get their radio gigs? Clearly, it isn't talent. It's something quite different: 'talent agencies'. After a few stops, our train of thought reached a point where we were wondering - just who represents the people who play the records on our favourite radio station, putting them where they are? Then we realised it would quite hard to find out that sort of thing about everyone on WFMU, so we looked at the presenters for 6Music instead. Arf.

Is there some sort of correlation? Or even something excellently dark and sinister that we could uncover and get mentioned in MediaGuardian's Media Monkey column? And will our special strain of OCD-lite hold out long enough for us to work it all out? Well, a few trips to Google, our new trial Imdb Pro account and several felt-tips later, we have our answers.

Here, for your edification, amusement or indifference is a pretty colour-coded chart showing who represents whom on the 6Music schedule. Hmm... wonder if anything will stand out?

(Where we've listed "No Agent?" we can't find any record of the presenter having representation, but that doesn't necessarily mean they haven't got a Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms 15% - feel free to leave a comment correcting us, and we may update the chart the next time we're putting off doing something important.)

Draw your own, gentle viewer. We suspect even the most myopic listener will notice a bit of a trend going on during Monday to Friday daytimes. What odds would you give on Lamacq leaving in the next few months, only to be replaced by Leigh Francis?

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