EPG Week: Day Four

  • 5/09/2008 07:36:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

First things first, anyone who'd read yesterday's update (as opposed to just muttering "Christ, are they still on about EPGs" and moving on to B3TA or something) might want to take note of the correction we've made. It turns out that Paul Dacre is wrong, and that the BBC aren't pure evil. Who'd have thunk, eh?

EPG Five: DirecTV

Yes, we're off to the States to see the programme guide for the television service known to American viewers of the Extras Christmas special as Direct TV. And it's...

Original photostream: here, completists.

Yeah. While it's quite nice to see Adult Swim listed as an actual channel on something, EPG week isn't really going anywhere is it? And we'd so hoped we'd be able to find wonderfully lo-fi Russian cable TV showing repeats of Benny Hill Interactive, or Moldova's equivalent of Sky Sports News.

By way of apology, here's a scan of a Loaded article about Cluub Zarathustra. Click the small picture to make another more big picture appear on your screen.

We've thought of a new riff that we're slightly more confident of holding our interest for more than three days. As soon as we can tear ourselves away from multiplayer GTA4 for long enough to do something about it, you shall see. OH YES YOU SHALL.

We're still top of the Google rankings for "HDR-9300FS" by the way. And that's out of what's now 33 results. Go us.

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