EPG Week: Day Three

  • 5/08/2008 04:30:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Must... maintain... interest in... ill-considered running... theme... [deep breath]


Here's something that makes us wish our (original, modded) Xbox wasn't broken. Ah, the folly of dicking around with your default.xbe file*. A custom script for XBMC that allows the users to get the Beeb's iPlayer working on their proper telly. And not just in a little window on their big telly (like iPlayer running on the Wii). Excellent.

(*The result of which being that switching on the Xbox results in a "cannot read the disc, the disc may be dirty or damaged" error, even though there isn't a disc in the drive. Can anyone help us with that?)

Or, at least: it should be.

The people behind the custom script even got to visit the BBC in order to show off their magical wares. The BBC Backstage blog have a whole Flickr album devoted to the presentation. And here it is.

On display at the Beeb. It'd be doubly ace if The BBC already had a modded Xbox, but we're guessing the people behind the demo took their own with them.

Looks pretty ace, doesn't it? Certainly better than the unhelpful web interface for iPlayer, which is tremendously picky to use on an iPod Touch.

Here's another shot of it. Note the polite notice that the script isn't endorsed by the BBC, and that it only works in the UK.

At this point you might be thinking of blowing the dust off your own Xbox, in readiness for giving the script a try, and wondering where to get the script. It's here. But curtail those hurrahs for just a moment.

[Edit: 9th May 2008.

It seems that, not for the first time, BrokenTV has leapt quite handsomely to a wrong conclusion. The person behind the script left us a comment informing us that the Beeb had been quite honest and open about them plugging the iPlayer mousehole that made the script possible, and with their rights-holders reasoning for having to do so. As it seems they've since removed their comment, it would be improper and rubbish of us to reprint the whole message here.

We're leaving the end of this post below, mainly so everyone can see what this apologetic edit is here for, and partly because we like our picture of Mark Thompson on the phone. And because we're hoping most people will be aware that pretending to get tremendously stroppy about something the we don't really have any strong feelings about is one of the two official BrokenTV jokes. Of course, the other official joke is getting tremendously overexcited about something we don't etc.]

Yeah, nice one Auntie. Invite them over. Wine them. Dine them. Coo over their special profit-free invention that allows a limited number of licence fee payers the ability to watch BBC programmes that they'd forgot to record on their actual television sets. Send them merrily on their way. Then stitch them right up, less than a week later. Bah.

"Mister Gates? The rat is in the cage. I repeat, the rat is in the cage. Agent Thompson out."

[Edit: 9th May 2008.

You win this round, Thompson. By, erm, not actually doing anything wrong or improper in any way. But just you wait. *Shakes gloved fist at camera*]

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