A New Service From Broken Industries

  • 5/19/2008 12:39:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Inspired by the Lovefilm subscription we're a week and a half into, we've decided to employ a new method of updating the blog. All to serve YOU, the customer. Here's how our new service, LoveBrokenTV is going to operate.


You give us your credit card number. Don't worry, we promise not to charge anything to it just yet. As long as you adhere to every single one of the interminably long list of terms and conditions we'll wave in front of your face, anyway. Oh, and your address as well.


You pick the updates YOU want! So that we can be sure we're capable of coming up with content in a timeframe that suits YOU, we really want you to pick ten potential subjects, but from our comprehensive list of over twelve possible topics, we're sure you'll be spoiled for choice!


Tell us how much YOU would like to see each individual topic arriving at your desktop, and which you're not too bothered about. That's right! YOU get to say which of the many enthralling topics on offer you would like to see first! Excellent!


You wait. Within 48 hours, the content YOU have decided upon will be written and put online.
Subject to availability.

It really is that simple!

So, ready to go? To show you how it works, as a fully accurate mirror of our experiences with Lovefilm, we've filled in a form all ready for you. Just check the listing below is okay, and then wait. Our dedicated team of writer will prepare your update, and it will be with you shortly.

Now, all you do is wait.


[Sound effect: Ding-dong!]

The internet post man is here! Time to receive our custom designed update!

Yeah, now if it took you more than 14 days to watch that, you now owe us a tenner.

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