EPG Week: Day Two

  • 5/07/2008 06:05:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Previously on EPG Week: the sexily graphical-interfaced (at least if you've got a Humax box) Freesat has been launched. We're almost tempted to speculate about possibly getting one (although as the standard HD box has no recording functionality, you can kiss goodbye to watching one programme and recording another unless you've got a Freeview PVR and decent aerial). More importantly, we're using it as an excuse to look at some electronic programme guides. You knows you loves it.


It's Industria's IPTV interface, apparently. Or, to use the PR-speak of those behind it, "a groundbreaking and unprecedented IPTV middleware platform, designed to bridge the gap between the TV user's expectations and the solutions currently available in the IPTV marketplace". Do you know, we were just *bursting* for someone to bridge the gap between our expectations and the solutions currently available in the IPTV marketplace, so this is perfect.

Now, given that the images on their Flickr page aren't flagged with a Creative Commons licence, and that we've just been sarcastic about their press release, here are a couple of 'extracts' from the sample images. The full versions can be viewed here.


Pretty but wrong.


Clearly, these are concept shots that don't hold up to any sort of scrutiny. House, South Park and The Simpsons on BBC One? Not until we're Director General of it. Discovery Civilization broadcasting an hour of Tom & Jerry would be good, too. We wish our telly received a channel called 'Stoo 2'.


It looks really rather gorgeous, doesn't it? Lots of thumbnail screen grabs all over the TV guide and on the VOD screen. Good old Helvetica Neue as the typeface, channel logos on display in a nicely polite fashion, lots of information on screen at once. Well done.


At this point, it does look like it's merely a conceptual EPG. We can't find any evidence of it 'in the wild', at all. Also, trying to view it on on a modestly sized HDTV screen could well lead to a headache. At least they didn't try to be that bit trendier and go for a font weight of '35 Thin', we suppose.

OVERALL: 8/10. Hang on, we're deducting two points because Industria's website refers to the things they do under the heading 'Solutions'. 6/10 it is, then.

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