Monday, 8 June 2009

Philip Hayton Version? That’s a Good Name For A Band.


Thanks to a post by Steve Williams on the spanky new TVCream Forum, we’ve got a new hobby. Watching YouTube videos from Newsbunny, where old editions of the BBC News are accompanied the talkback track from the gallery. Yeah! It might not sound as exciting as, say, train collecting or stamp spotting, but that’s until you see this one.


Dating from December 1986, the clip sees Philip Hayton present the BBC One O’Clock News for the first time. Entertainingly, we’re able to see just what a good job he actually does, as everything pretty much goes to cack up in the gallery. The chaos is commentated on by the director, who becomes increasingly agitated as the bulletin goes on. Meanwhile, Hayton is coolness personified, dealing with the problems with aplomb, even when a report falls off air, and he’s asked to ad-lib. That’s ad-lib the news.

Highlights from the gallery include:

(1.20) “There’s no page eleven! Have you got page eleven?”

(1.50) “There’s no VT. Hope to bring you pictures later.”

(2.20) “I haven’t got any stories Mike!”

(2.38) “What interview!?”

(3.05) “I haven’t got a thirty-six yet!”

(3.35) “Oh, shhhh….!”

(3.49) “I haven’t got any scripts, Mike! How am I supposed to run a show?”

(4.47) “I haven’t got any pages at all!”

(6.25) “Oh, sod it!”

(6.41) “We haven’t got the City!”

(7.08) “Just ad-lib, we haven’t got the TX.”

It really does show how hard it is (or at least, was) to put together a live news broadcast, and how difficult a job newsreader’s job actually is.



[update 17:37 June 9th]

Still, it could have been worse:


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