Saturday, 22 August 2009

Twitter: The Acid Test

So, you could claim that Twitter has achieved quite a lot for a glorified text messaging service. Facilitating dissent over the re-election of a corrupt government in Iran, giving Fox News a black eye over its unwarranted criticism of the NHS, Stephen Fry getting stuck in a lift, Twitter has helped it all. But, can Twitter achieve real change? In short, can we get #GetNewstopiaOnBBC4 to be a trending topic*?

While the programme itself may have ended about a year ago, which may well be considered something of a problem for a semi-topical news-satire comedy, we reckon the campaign still has legs. Polio-stricken legs with untied shoelaces, admittedly, but legs nonetheless. Surely, if a couple of hundred-thousand followers join us on this, we must surely get our way. It's that simple.

Any readers paying proper attention at this point may like to point out the @brokentv Twitter account is being followed by just 300 people, a largish proportion of which are flangebrained spammers, and that we attract between 50 and 150 visitors per day (most of which have Googled "lesbian vampire killers torrent", which we rank highly in, for some utterly unfathomable reason). With those figures in mind, how could our campaign be expected to register on any sort of scale?

Shut up, that's why. And Barack Obama is technically 'following' us, so if he retweets us, it's in the notional bag. Fingers crossed! Until then, here's a clip of Shaun Micallef, being Paul McCartney, performing a special tribute version of "Imagine". This is why the show belongs on BBC Four*, dammit.

(*Or More4. Heck, even Comedy Central Xtra+1 would do.)

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