Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hello Vegetables! (Brilliant YouTube Thing of the Week)

You’ve gotsta love Belgian noise scientists Soulwax. Not only do they make loads of astonishingly good what we still call ‘mixtapes’, commendably sticking with the whole mash-up thing a decade after it stopped being fashionable, but they’ve made a free iWhatever app allowing you to download or listen to them all. You can also listen to them over the internet at, but best of all, it seems many of them are on YouTube, allowing us to embed one of them here.

And why? Because it opens with a spoken word intro from Neil’s Heavy Concept Album, and we like The Young Ones, so it falls within the remit of this blog. That’s why.

Taking what occasional Chris Morris collaborator Osymyso does and extending it, there.


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