Wednesday, 28 June 2006

A Post That Isn't About Football

Because really, how many more ways can we think of to say "Lawrenson isn't as funny as he thinks he is"? So, to mark the first day of the World Cup where there's no football on, it's time for...

The BrokenTV Hit Parade

[BrokenTV thinks about donning a comedy Jimmy Saville wig and shiny tracksuit, then comes to what remains of it's senses.]

Hello. Here are some things we've foraged from YouTube:

Metric - Monster Hospital
It's the BrokenTV Super Hit Parade!

Discovered this track about a week ago, bought the album the next day, and listened to it pretty much non-stop since then. As a special bonus, the YouTube version includes the three seconds MTV2 felt compelled to flash up a big 'CENSORED' blocker to replace. Can you guess which bit MTV2 decided their 2am viewing audience wouldn't be able to handle?

The Go-Gos - Stuck In My Car
It's the BrokenTV Super Hit Parade!

The 'Gos finest three minutes, with an unofficial promo video. Because, in a move that has surely nudged civilisation one notch closer to eternal fiery damnation, there wasn't a proper one, as it wasn't even a single.

April March - Up Above
It's the BrokenTV Super Hit Parade!

Of all the former Ren and Stimpy animators to turn their hand to gorgeous faux-French, faux-60s dream pop, we'd have to say April March is possibly the best of the lot. Bonus points for having previously been in a band called The Shitbirds. And she sang 'Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence', too.

Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
It's the BrokenTV Super Hit Parade!

Given the joyful wonderfulness of the song, and the quite startlingly bored performance of the person singing it in the video, we're tempted to suggest that they've brought in a supply singer at the last minute. Hmm.

KMFDM - A Drug Against War
It's the BrokenTV Super Hit Parade!

Celebrate Germany's World Cup by listening to their finest purveyors of RAWK. Can anyone here remember the name of the rubbish late-90's PC FPS based on the artwork for this very music video? Because we can't. Pop fact! We remember this video being shown, in full and uncut, on MTV's 120 Minutes, at about 7pm on a Sunday. That just would never happen nowadays on so many levels.

Fuzzbox - Pink Sunshine
It's the BrokenTV Super Hit Parade!

Oh, shut up. This is great. And no, they were better when they became a pop band.

Naivepop or Petitfool - BicycleRace (Plus Tech Squeeze Box Remix)
It's the BrokenTV Super Hit Parade!

Another fan-made video, and because this is the internet, it is made up from clips of various animes. Which would be dull and predictible, but at least it's for a song by a Japanese band. Especially when it's a Japanese band who have an album quite excellently called "1, 2, 3, Darts!!!". All the best blog writers are using it as their avatar, you know.

Stereo Total - L'amour a Trois
It's the BrokenTV Super Hit Parade!

We don't speak French (we thought we did, but trying to order something in a service station somewhere near Marseille one time soon disproved that), but even we can work out that the lyrics to this song are absolute filth. Plus, there's an English language translation on the album. And speaking as a blog that is perpetually two people short of having a threesome, this is all very exciting.

Jason Lyttle of Grandaddy - Jeez Louise (Live)
It's the BrokenTV Super Hit Parade!

They're back. And they're as ace as ever (we're saying Fambly Cat is better than Sumday). Here's a live performance of the best track from the album, presented in here in a manner as far removed from the awesomely loud original as possible, but no less great all the same.

Vive La Fête - Noir Désir
It's the BrokenTV Super Hit Parade!

Lovely noisy French pop music. Imagine how much we'd like it if we knew what on earth they were singing about, eh? At one point, we think she's singing 'Le soir, Tom Petty', but we're probably wrong. Note: this song includes the best screaming in a pop song ever.

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Blue Man said...

Am I going out of my mind, or are the lyrics to that Stereo Total song in German, not French?

Thanks for putting the Metric video up though, even though it might mean that I'm forced to buy the album.

Anonymous said...

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