BrokenBrother: MicroUpdate

  • 6/28/2007 12:22:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

With Seany - who'd we'd jokingly stated would be next to leave the house because we'd just put a fiver on him to win - having been the next person to leave the house, it's quite clear that we'd never pass ourselves off as Big Brother experts. Each of the two people we've now backed as winners have left the house in disgrace at the very next opportunity, and we're flirting dangerously with relegation from Brig Bother's Fantasy Big Brother League (the bottom three quite possibly having to enter a fantasy league based on Castaway 2008). With that in mind, we're simply going to post up the figures, and restrict ourselves to five observations based on the last two weeks of Big Brother.

  1. Our current favourites are now the twins. Yes, who'd have thought that after the launch show, eh? Despite initial revelations, along with Laura they seem to be the most genuine people in the bungalow this year. Coupled with the fact we've just realised that they both look quite a bit like Lauren Laverne When She Was Still In Kenickie, we've decided they must win.

  2. Amanda is the current Betfair favourite to win. Somehow, Sam is languishing on 13, while Amanda is on just 5.8. We've no idea how, because we can't really tell them apart. Of course, in our imagination both of them are [the rest of this paragraph has been confiscated by The Taste Police]

  3. Brian seems quite incapable of understanding that women need to go for a poo as well as men. We're not even making this up. That's almost as funny as him believing Laura and Seany telling him that there's no electricity or inside toilets in both Wales and Ireland ("Can't you ask Tony Blair to do summink abaht it?"). The fool - we've had indoor lavvies since 1997, although we do both still get our electric from a really long extension cable plugged into Blackpool Illuminations.

  4. Unless every single Big Brother viewer PayPals one British pound to BrokenIndustries account in the next 36 hours, we're going to lay odds on Charlie winning, thereby ensuring she'll be in the house for the duration of the series.

  5. We don't know who Russell Kay is (or whether that's the right way to spell his name), but we'd sure like to punch his face in.

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