Yule (B)Log VI: Meanwhile, in ITV's Plus Column

  • 12/06/2007 12:30:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

A mercifully brief update today, because we're off out to watch The Magic Numbers. While our thoughts on the current state of ITV1 were delivered pretty comprehensively just the other day, credit where it's due. While the proper ITV Christmas schedules haven't made Digiguide just yet, at least one of the regional outposts is making an effort.

Yes, it's a Barry Welsh Christmas Special. If you're not sure who that is, it's a creation by John "Absolutely" Sparkes, and Harry Hill aside, it's the best comedy show broadcast on ITV1 this decade. Essentially, it's a continuation of the seminal Absolutely, but with less money and more single entendres. Which is a good thing.

Of course, given that it's only broadcast on ITV1 Wales, most people won't have heard of it, so here are a few primers, courtesy of YouTube:




Rather wonderfully, there's also a congressman in Indiana called Barry Welsh, so when his supporters search for him on YouTube, they can't be sure if they're clicking on his speech to Indiana's 6th District Caucus, or if they're going to get Hugh Pugh talking about the latest antics of Mayor Kenny Twat.

Given that the only national terrestrial outing for the show was a short sketch in the pilot of failed Daily Show rip-off Not Tonight With John Sargeant (a show so popular, we're the top-ranked Google search for it), the only way you're likely to see it outside the Principality on the 19th is to add ITV1 Wales to your Sky Digibox or wait until it appears on an evil puppy-slaughtering file sharing site (or maybe ITV Local). It's worth it, mind.

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