Yule (B)Log VII: Guest Setting One

  • 12/07/2007 05:26:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

It's time for BrokenTV to put out the first of several guest settings to our pre-Christmastide jamboree. First to be seated is disc jockey and journalist Matthew Rudd, who has popped around to offer a recollection of telly Christmas past. While we rummage through our cutlery drawer to try and find a matching knife and fork for him (whilst wondering if using a pretend Christmas dinner analogy when it's only the seventh of December was the right way to introduce this), we'll leave you in his capable hands.


By far my favourite Christmas telly memory was when the whole family, approximately nine of us, were gathered round my parents' television watching the festive edition of my lifelong obsession, Coronation Street.

Christmas Day in 1991, and Alma Sedgwick is sobbing as she struggles to come to terms with her guilt over sleeping with old flame Mike Baldwin, despite now being escorted by his old enemy Ken Barlow. As she begins to break down entirely, heightening the drama (and Amanda Barrie was and is a brilliant actress), there was a hush around my parents' lounge.

Then my uncle, not the biggest fan of the show to say the least, made the following remark:

"God she's ugly. She's never been the same since that bus hit her."

I couldn't watch the rest of the episode through a mixture of giggles and teenage indignation. I waited for the omnibus edition on December 29th instead.

More from Matthew at his ace blog: Does That Make Sense?

Meanwhile, just to prove we haven't been completely idle while outsourcing parts of BrokenTV to proper journalists, here's a completely unrelated picture of the moon landing that we've done. About four years ago, that we've just found on our hard drive, but still.

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