Broken TV: Late and Blue and Naked

  • 10/16/2008 12:31:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

It's double Australian television update night on BrokenTV! In a moment, we're going to start banging on about Newstopia again until everyone else agrees that we're right. And they will. You'll see. But first, female soapstar nudity.

We all remember how, instead of it being ripe for parody by lazy arsed late 1980s television comedians, Prisoner Cell Block H ("Ha ha! The sets are made of wood! But anyway, them Tories") was actually a compelling, innovative, risk-taking and downright addictive continuous drama programme. Not only did the show include inarguably the greatest ever nickname for a character in a soap opera - "Vinegar Tits" - but it also broke a number of taboos for the format, such as featuring non-stereotypical gay characters, dealing with subjects such as predatory paedophiles, euthanasia, on-screen kneecappings, drug-use, that brilliant plot where Bea Smith lost her memory and almost got released but then got it back again, and many others.

But that wasn't all. Thanks to some excellent investigative work by a reader we're going to dub with the name "Alan Donaldson" (which is nothing like his real name, but is quite a good name to use if you need to give a false identity to a policeman in a hurry, we imagine), there's also a part of the show that doesn't seem to have been mentioned at all in the what, twenty-four years since the episode in question has been aired. And best of all, it features our teenage crush Lexie Patterson. We'd best let the EXCLUSIVE YouTube vid in question do the work for us.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The following clip is NSFW. Even though it probably loses a certain something on conversion to .flv format (or indeed in the .mp4 format we were sent the clip in), it's still something you'd probably not prefer to show the vicar if he comes around for tea.)

So, thanks to "Alan Donaldson" for that.

(Sidenote: Anyone know how to flag uploaded YouTube vids to "adults only"? We don't really want to get banned, even though the clip is hardly pornography, but we don't want to be a corrupting influence on ver kids.)

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