Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Sachs Crisis: Day Five

In a world where there are currently a total of six wars causing at least 1000 violent deaths per year, there's certainly room for a lot of outrage. How refreshing then, that it's continuing to be channelled into vicarious indignation on behalf of a man who has already graciously accepted apologies from the perpetrators. And we're sure the 5,400,000 people killed in the Second Congo War over the last ten years would agree with that, if they weren't dead.

A couple of hours ago, Alistair Darling was in the Five Live studio to discuss the government's plan on avoiding plunging the nation into a recession. But first, Shelagh Fogarty just had to know what he thought about Ross and Brand's antics. As if there was a chance he was going to say "OMG that wuz well funy LOL". During the programme it was also pointed out how one tabloid commentator trotted out that stalwart opinion "but what if Andrew Sachs was a muslim? Would the BBC have broadcast it then? Aah, do you see?" Of the 7.6 million opinions burbled out on the subject so far, could that be the stupidest of the lot?

We'd have thought it might be. But that's before we started dipping into the comments on this YouTube clip of the actual calls:

At the time of writing this, there are a total of 9,160 comments. A great deal of them are too stupid even for the BBC website's Have Your Say section. YA RLY! Here are some of the choicest moron-cuts, with the YouTube OpinionThumbsUpThumbsDown-o-Meter score, username, and choice info from each user's profile in brackets.

"haha i kno its so? funny! "HE FUCKED YA GWAND-DAUGHTER!!"" (-23, bombw87, just the one YouTube friend: Russell Brand)

"Haha the song is quality " (+6, DanotheSnitch, video favourites include "Take That - Shine Live")

"yeah ive noticed tons of dicks hate him cos he shags plenty more than they ever will. plus this made me piss my self laughing" (+1, Supaduck0, his two video favourites include "Aids face man")

"Well, he should have been there for the interview. If he was, none of this would have happened." (-6, jessicamadq, loooves Mika)

"This is why we should all boycott the Jewish owned and controlled BBC and the Licence Fee we are forced to pay by Law for our own Jewish propaganda!" (-7, SG7931, is actually American)

"love two of my favourite people in british entertainment dnt care if it sounds like bullying its just funny as fuck " (0, 911massivelol, that username probably says all you need to know about what kind of person he is)

"who gives a flying fuck about that dumb ape brand and that english snob wanker johnathen toss ross,these 2 people are trying so hard arent they to be loved lol loosers" (-3, jewishmansjew, big fan of Keith Lemon's brand of 'comedy'. He then goes on to have a laughable slanging match with about five other people, going as far to do that 'deranged message board lunatic' thing, where the same person leaves three or four abusive comments about another message board user, with no reply from anyone else in between, thereby giving the impression of someone clicking 'Add message' after one bout of vitriol, then sitting down on the sofa, letting the fury vein on their neck flare up again, and running over to the PC again to add something like "well you go live in boxes if your offended", because they just CAN'T let it lie.)

"why are u taking there right away from them toopen theremouths and say what they want?yes the uk is falling apart look around idiot" (+1, jewishmansjew again)

"i used to fuckin hate russel brand, but now i reckon he's well funny." (0, explosionofthesevent, favourites include the KEryKatonaDrunkLOL video, and a Simply Red video)

"whilst churches are being converted to mosks and muslims are taking over the uk our historyis dissapearing and some silly silly cunt comments that uk aint falling apart lol wake up ,where do u live?lol in a box??" (0, jewishmansjew again. There are loads of 'em. If Leslie Douglas looking for a replacement for Russell Brand...)

"ahahahah fucking amazing :) the two most funniest sex gods in the business! Fuck the yanks :D wheeeeeeeey I wouldn't mind being georgina ;)" (0, Leeeeebo, is 20 years old. This person can legally vote!)

"andrew sachs should shut up, grow a pair and have a fucking sense of humour. The "He fucked your grandaughter comment" was absolute comedy gold! Honestly " (-1, ErniePi, big fan of Fonejacker. Oh, and Ernie, I think not saying anything on a subject until after several days of tabloid doorstepping does pretty much qualify as 'shutting up'.)

Plus another 8000-ish comments. To be honest, we can barely see through our tears right now.

3 .:

James said...

It's at times like this that I refer to one of my workmates:

"Everyone's opinion should be heard by someone. However, in the main it should only be by themselves."

Like the eejit who rang the local radio station to say that Simon Cowell should be the next Dr. Who.

Anonymous said...

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