Thursday, 30 October 2008

Other People Who Should Resign From BBC Radio

* Whoever it was that made the decision to start playing the woefully censored version of MIA's Paper Planes, where it sounds like a sound effects CD is played on 'shuffle' in place of the gun noises, even though they'd been playing the uncensored version quite happily for about a year.
* Any Radio One presenter who uses the dread phrase "how random is that!!!?" when mentioning a thing that has happened in their lives. It's not random. It's a event that has occurred in your everyday life, and no, you're not as interesting as you like to think, yes, even though you were invited to The Q Awards.
* George Lamb.
* Disc jockeys who regularly (and correctly) sneer about Nickelback being rubbish, but then happily play their records anyway. This also applies to Kid Rock.
* Every presenter on 606 who isn't Danny Baker, so that their slots can be handed over to Danny Baker.

List ends.

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Matthew Rudd said...

The disc jockeys who sneer about Nickelback probably play them because they are instructed to.

606 is ghastly at the moment. Steve Claridge is especially abysmal, but at least he played football. Tim Lovejoy needs a pitchfork through the neck.

Mark X said...

Oh for the days of Mark and Lard, who would be quite determined in not playing playlisted songs they didn't like, much to the chagrin of Radio One's management.

And yes, 606 is mostly awful now. It certainly hasn't helped Five Live that the return of Danny Baker has thrown the performance of other presenters into such sharp relief. Baker proclaiming at the start of a show that no-one wanted to hear whether Johnny Public thinks "Spurs can turn the corner" and that things like The Supporters' Book Of Records are more worthwhile was great. He's pretty much the polar opposite of Tim "People Come To Football Matches To See The Best Players, So Players Like John Terry Should Never Be Sent Off" Lovejoy.

Matthew Rudd said...

Lovejoy made me seethe towards the end of last season when he questioned Hull City's viability for the Premier League and asked if Championship clubs should now be barred from winning promotion.

He clearly hates football.

Db said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Db said...

Paul Gambaccini was on 5live about 20 minutes ago, and only went and dropped some Gambo truth bombs on the situation.

I forgot he existed, and then BAM, he makes points... How random is that ?!?!?!?! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rodafowa said...

People Come To Football Matches To See The Best Players, So Players Like John Terry Should Always Be Sent Off


Mark X said...

Attn: Mr DB - it's quite probable that your use of the phrase "how random was that?" was cheerily ironic. However, as a precaution, a BrokenTV sniper team has been positioned just across the road from your place of residence. We hope you will understand.

But anyway. Tim "Kasabian Are One of the Coolest Bands on the Planet" Lovejoy is pretty much the template of the modern Barclays Premier League football supporter. Unquestioning. Starstruck. In respectful awe of any footballer paid more than £20,000 per week. Attends football matches in a suit, because he has a reserved space in the Sky corporate box*. Happy to regard top-level British football as "product", rather than a sport. He even has a book deal.

(*I have seen evidence of this with my own two eyes, funnily enough.)

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