The Sound Of Two Palms Slapping, and Two Legs Running

  • 10/03/2008 10:46:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Yeah, we know. It's fair to say that there's very little as unbecoming as universally unpopular websites pathetically high-fiving themselves, and we should be above that. However, if you knew us, really properly actually knew us, you'd know that we can often be found shamelessly whoring ourselves out to anyone willing to show us a few bob, a square meal, or a few nourishing words of approval. Oh, how we slurp down those salty nods of half-hearted gratitude. But anyway. It seems that much of America is as enamoured with the majesty of CNN's Live Debate Graph as we are. The episode of The Daily Show (from Monday night) which we've just got around to watching has spent a good third of its runtime devoted to the very subject. And so has... well, we're ready to admit that our barometer of US public opinion is restricted to whatever's on between 8.30pm and 9pm on More4, so that's all we've got to go on.

Take a look at the Google search rankings for "cnn vice presidential debate graph" (without quotes):

BrokenTV is third in the Google rankings for the phrase on everyone's lips. Taking the three people on on planet earth who'd typed that exact phrase into Google as a hugely unrepresentative sample of the social group 'everyone', that is. Only Wordpress' own blog on the topic and the Huffington Post are above us. That means we're sitting above - hey! - CNN's OWN WEBSITE is the Googleranks. Other sites we are peering down on:

And, well, every other website on the web. Apart from Wordpress and Huffington. Damn their eyes. But still, we're number three. That's only two away from being number one.

(Reader's voice: "maybe that's because it's technically a chart, not a graph. There are just 64,500 results for 'cnn vice presidential debate graph', but there are 1,370,000 results for 'cnn vice presidential debate chart'. And you're absolutely nowhere in the ranking for that. Essentially, you have messed up.")

Erm. [Runs away.]

Time left for BrokenTV to learn everything about American politics before the live US '08 Election Night Special Live Blog Special 2008: 31 Days, 22 Hours.

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