Trying Out The iGoogle Blogger Widget

  • 10/25/2008 07:43:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

If this works properly, we could add all manner of ill-considered, poorly-formatted and instantly regrettable meanderings, without even any pictures of anything, and without the safety net of Firefox's inline spellcheck.

So, Family Fortunes, eh? It isn't in the news or anything, but here's a thing that has only just occurred to us. When the pre-amble to each question goes "We asked one hundred people to name something you would find in a garden shed", that must surely be a lie. Why do a hundred people, given even a relatively broad topic come up with a total of just seven different answers at most? From a statistical viewpoint, given how long the show has been running, that would be a staggering coincidence, and surely some sort of extrapolation of the most common answers must be going on.

With this in mind, we've gone out into the street and actually asked one hundred people to name something they could find in a shed. Here are the results:

"Sod off." (31)
"Sorry mate, no time." (25)
"Sorry mate, not interested." (22)
"Are you a mental or something? Why would you be even asking that?" (6)
"Ooh, I can't stop. My pay and display ticket's about to run out." (4)
"Erm, I've already given." (3)
"I don't understand." (3)
"What's this for? Broken what? Look, maybe later, eh?" (2)
"Is this for B&Q or something?" (1)
"Spiacente, non parlo inglese." (1)
"Alright Mark. What the hell are you doing now?" (1)
"I'm sorry sir. There have been complaints. You need to come with us now." (1)

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