Sunday, 25 January 2009

Film 2009

A film that has a pivotal scene set in the LWT canteen has been nominated for Best Picture at this year's Oscars. That is an excellent fact, and of course Frost/Nixon is a very good film, even if it does also include John Birt's bare arse. Even more exciting is the trailer for another offering that invites the keywords Peter Morgan | Michael Sheen | Inside Of A 1970s ITV Studio.

Squee. We're claiming a spotter's badge for noticing that the first scene in the trailer is slightly wrong, in that Clough's comment to Peter Taylor was originally aimed at Michael Parkinson, and Clough was played the Ali clip on Parky's show.

(Footnotes: Don't worry, it's not the real John Birt's bare arse, and anyone who hasn't already should go and read David Peace's The Damned Utd. Oh, and we'll wrap up the Celebrity Big Brother 2009 thing soon, just as soon as we've watched the last half-dozen episodes of the show, and formed some opinions on it.)

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Simon said...

It was on ITV, wasn't it? I'm sure it was on one of their rare archive forays that I first saw it, although you're right to say Clough was in the studio. Ali's contribution to pan-Atlantic sporting understanding was when Harry Carpenter interviewed him by satellite one Sports Review Of The Year and told him he wasn't eligible for the big prize, to which Ali retorted "who is it then, that fella named Best? He's not as pretty as me!"

I really wanted Sheen to get a best actor nomination, just for the fantastic situation that the profession's biggest prize could go to a man playing David Frost. Then we could all start working on a satirical synopsis for the inevitable sequel Frost/Grossman.

Chris Hughes said...

Ha, I was just going to post that I was sure the "Clough, enough!" clip was from ITV (I remember seeing it on the LWT 30th anniversary show Sporting Memories in 1998) but Simon got there before me.

Anyway, full marks to whoever booked this trailer for the last ad break before the Derby v Forest match on Setanta on Friday night.

Doughboy said...

That's made me the happiest i've been for days. Fantastic. It couldn't look better. Who have they got to play grumpy old Michael Parkinson, and the grumpy Leeds players?

I am tempted to go around calling people 'young man' and cuffing them around the ear holes. It looks like Carry On Cloughy.

Mark X said...

Boh. Probably it was ITV then, I remember seeing that clip on BBC's obit programme for Clough, so it had probably melted into the clips from Parkinson inside my head.

Similarly to Simon, the first thing I looked for on the Oscar noms was Sheen's name, only to be disappointed. This was mainly to see how much attention the US media would subsequently pay to The Damned United. Then we'd get to see if a presenter on E! pronounced the lead character's name as "British soccer coach Brian Clow".

I don't think Parky will actually be in the film, but it'd be great if someone portrayed Brian Moore.

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