Film 2009

  • 1/25/2009 10:14:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

A film that has a pivotal scene set in the LWT canteen has been nominated for Best Picture at this year's Oscars. That is an excellent fact, and of course Frost/Nixon is a very good film, even if it does also include John Birt's bare arse. Even more exciting is the trailer for another offering that invites the keywords Peter Morgan | Michael Sheen | Inside Of A 1970s ITV Studio.

Squee. We're claiming a spotter's badge for noticing that the first scene in the trailer is slightly wrong, in that Clough's comment to Peter Taylor was originally aimed at Michael Parkinson, and Clough was played the Ali clip on Parky's show.

(Footnotes: Don't worry, it's not the real John Birt's bare arse, and anyone who hasn't already should go and read David Peace's The Damned Utd. Oh, and we'll wrap up the Celebrity Big Brother 2009 thing soon, just as soon as we've watched the last half-dozen episodes of the show, and formed some opinions on it.)

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