Incomprehensible Japanese TV Ratings Chart Promo From 1988 Of The Week

  • 1/23/2009 12:32:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

It's an international round-up of YouTube TV miscellanea!

With (a) bad hip-hop samples, and (b) line charts. Quite why this is so compelling, we don't know.

Ten years earlier, on the USA's Cablevision network, the most disturbing ident EVER is coupled with the Stateside version of Ceefax-On-View. "Q. What's the best way to turn people's heads? A. Go to church late!"

The second most disturbing ident ever? The Open University one from the 1980s, obviously, but running it a close third is this, from Canada's OECA, dating from 1975. Not only are the visuals disturbing, but the music could have been plucked straight from the very darkest part of Delia Derbyshire's worst nightmare. Also, an early PBS ident.

We could go on with these, even stretching them out to a top ten, but it's late, and we don't really want to wake up screaming, convinced that giant PBS-man heads are coming after us whilst being soundtracked by the incidental music from the Protect and Survive videos.

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