Weak Headline Pun Along The Lines Of "Bluey-Ray Player" Goes Here

  • 1/04/2009 11:48:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Here's how BrokenTV's Mark X's brain works. He sat down at 6pm to start writing about the 'rights based approach' to business ethics, and then to complete two vastly overdue assignments for college, after having had all Christmas to do so. After 'just quickly having a look at the football news', then quickly at Lifehacker, then quickly at some of the links on Lifehacker, and so on for several hours, it's come to this. Downloading and reading the manual for a Blu-Ray/HDD Freeview recorder that is only available in Australia. Well, that, and then blogging about that fact in the third person, because there are some annoying running jokes we're just not prepared to give up on.

But anyway, here's the exciting discovery worth delaying a soul-destroying look into shareholder rights. Because it's a machine only currently available (in PAL) in Australia, the manual for the Panasonic DMR-BW500 has a suitably Antipodean line-up in it. ABC1, ABC2, that sort of thing. Look:

That's right, they've just changed the first two channels from BBC One and BBC Two, and not even bothered changing the programme names. And left the other channels there. Even S4C!

"What's on ABC1 tonight? Ah, Action News on BBC1. Just after The Bill." Panasonic have gone to so little trouble for the Australian market, and yet they're expecting our colonial cousins to shell out 2,200 Aussie dollars for it. That's over £1,000 in proper money! And it's not as if they're adapting the UK manual, as that model isn't even out over here. Furthermore, you'll note that while the programmes for each UK channel are mostly correct in the first screenshot - DIY SOS on BBC One, Scrapheap Challenge on Channel Four, it's all gone to cock in the second screenshot. Emmerdale on BBC One?! We sure hope somebody got sacked for that blundeOH GOD WHAT ARE WE DOING WE'RE WASTING OUR LIVES

Erm, so. Manuals for models of PVR from foreign countries. With hindsight, not something we should have allowed to interrupt our studies. But then again, what channels will the pretend EPGs list in the PVR manuals of South Africa? Or India? This is a new riff that could run and run! (Reader's voice: "Not if I smash it's legs in with a brick, it won't.")

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