Sunday, 5 July 2009

"Bob's deodorant smells of suet." (Some old scanned articles.)

We haven't done this for a while. Here are a few scanned articles from Loaded circa 1997. Despite the magazine currently being "Soft Pornography-Lite For People Too Scared To Actually Buy Actual Pornography", it used to be a worthwhile read. Click the images for larger versions.

Soccer AM, from when it was any good. Note that Tim Lovejoy didn't seem to know much about the football club he claims to love, even then.

Vic and Bob and brass, promoting their disappointing Viz Top Tips video.

A look at Peter Bagge's 'Hate' comic, along with an interview.

Sir Uncle Clive, not really saying much in a short interview.

Frank Skinner on 'be'ing Elvis.

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Simon said...

Cockney Helen Chamberlain (raised in Street, lives near Torquay) there.

Mark X said...

I was going to say "well, I'm sure the Loaded writer was far too preoccupied with his Jack Daniels, porn and cocaine to bother fact-checking", but it's Bill "Mr Man City" Borrows, who normally knows what he's talking about. He's even identified the part of London he incorrectly thinks Helen Chamberlain is from ("a faux-sexy West London smoker's edge to her voice"), the clod.

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